Brad Fullmer
Undergraduate Alumni
Brad was the first person in NNRG to work on evolution of neural networks, or neuroevolution, back in 1991. He developed a method inspired by DNA structure of start and end markers and introns, and completed an honors thesis on applying it to behavior of artificial agents.
Evolving Finite State Behavior using Marker-Based Genetic Encoding of Neural Networks 1991
Brad Fullmer, Technical Report HR-91-01, Department of Computer Science, The University of Texas at Austin.
Using Marker-Based Genetic Encoding Of Neural Networks To Evolve Finite-State Behaviour 1991
Brad Fullmer and Risto Miikkulainen, In Toward a Practice of Autonomous Systems: {P}roceedings of the First {E}uropean Conference on Artificial Life, Francisco J. Varela and Paul Bourgine (Eds.), pp. 255-262, Cambridge, MA 1991. ...
Formerly affiliated with Neural Networks