YouTube2Text: Recognizing and Describing Arbitrary Activities Using Semantic Hierarchies and Zero-shot Recognition (2013)
Sergio Guadarrama, Niveda Krishnamoorthy, Girish Malkarnenkar, Subhashini Venugopalan, Raymond Mooney, Trevor Darrell, Kate Saenko
Despite a recent push towards large-scale object recognition, activity recognition remains limited to narrow domains and small vocabularies of actions. In this paper, we tackle the challenge of recognizing and describing activities "in-the-wild". We present a solution that takes a short video clip and outputs a brief sentence that sums up the main activity in the video, such as the actor, the action, and its object. Unlike previous work, our approach works on out-of-domain actions: it does not require training videos of the exact activity. If it cannot find an accurate prediction for a pre-trained model, it finds a less specific answer that is also plausible from a pragmatic standpoint. We use semantic hierarchies learned from the data to help to choose an appropriate level of generalization, and priors learned from web-scale natural language corpora to penalize unlikely combinations of actors/actions/objects; we also use a web-scale language model to "fill in" novel verbs, i.e. when the verb does not appear in the training set. We evaluate our method on a large YouTube corpus and demonstrate it is able to generate short sentence descriptions of video clips better than baseline approaches.
In Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV-2013), pp. 2712--2719, Sydney, Australia, December 2013.

Niveda Krishnamoorthy Masters Alumni niveda [at] cs utexas edu
Girish Malkarnenkar Masters Alumni girish [at] cs utexas edu
Raymond J. Mooney Faculty mooney [at] cs utexas edu
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