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Sample Exam 1 (Solutions (posted Monday, 2/23))

Lecture recordings from previous semesters that are relevant to topics from this exam are linked below. Exactly one (the first one) is from 439 (Spring 2014). Below it are lecture recordings of lectures from the old CS372 course on the relevant topics for Exam 1. CS372 had *much* more focus on CPU scheduling than CS439. It also covered Peterson's Algorithm, which we did not. We may have this week's lecture recordings as well. If we do, I'll post those when I have them.

Spring 2014:

Spring 2015:

CS372 (Spring 2012):

Exam 2

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Sample Exam 2 (Solutions to be posted on Monday, 4/6)

For this exam, the Spring 2014 lectures *were* successfully recorded. I'll post those for any where the Spring 2015 ones are missing. If a link isn't activated, I'm still working on acquiring and/or processing the videos.


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Here are the lecture recordings that apply to this exam: