Stack Check Signup Schedule

Meetings are in GDC 3.302 unless otherwise specified
All times are Central Time.

Please list all group members (first and last names) in the appointment slot.
Indicate those who will be present (at least 2 must be present) with an '*'.
After each name, include the member's CS LOGIN in parentheses (e.g. Alison Norman (ans)).

If you sign up for an earlier time and your stack does not work properly, then you may return and sign up for any remaining available time---but you may not use slip days.
If you choose to sign up for a second time, please email Alison (ans@cs) indicating that you have done so.

Initial sign ups must be completed by Sunday, 10/9, at 12pm.
If you are signing up after that time, complete your sign up and then contact Alison (ans@cs) for permission and explain why you were unable to sign up earlier.


For Monday, October 10, 2016

For Tuesday, October 11, 2016