star Critique 4 star


Due October 24th, 10:00pm

star Submission Instructions star

This critique is just a short analysis of a classmate's website you'll write after interacting with it for roughly fifteen minutes .

You'll be testing both sessions

Use this template to once again comment on your experience doing the above tasks. After looking over the feedback I will forward it to the designer of the website. Consult the chart below for your webpage assignment. You will submit this critique under the unique id c4 using the command-line turnin per the instructions on the course homepage.

Name Assigned CSID Assigned Webpsage
Chris Black ttn14
Noah Morrison agarza
Maxx Boehme ctang
Matthew Broussard asrivas
Angela Deng noesis23
Brian Chow klin
Kevin Lin bc23784
Mark Fulbright veronica
Anthony Garza mattb
Andrew Armstrong markfulb
Tri Nguyen maxxb
Anupriya Srivastava svillars
Austin Stone adeng93
Charles Tang akogler
Sean Villars cblack
Meng Yan noahmo