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Due September 5th, 10:00pm

star Submission Instructions star

As with all homeworks, you will submit this project in a two-step process:

Make sure your name, email address, and eid are in a comment at the top of each file you submit.

star Assignment star

Parents loves looking at pictures of their little babies thriving after leaving the nest, but they're suspicious of signing up for this "Facebook" thing. For the class project, you're going to create a simple photo gallery website to share your life with the world. You will be improving this website throughout the course, so I encourage you to have fun with it. Brownie points for creativity.

For this assignment, you need to build at least three different webpages using HTML. These will serve as templates for dynamically generated pages in the next phases; designing them with that in mind will help with the later phases.

  1. A profile page displaying some basic information. This should include at least your name, some sort of profile picture, and three more bits of information to be chosen at your discretion. This page should also include links to the two 'albums' of photos described below. These links should include both the title of the gallery and a thumbnail-sized representitive picture.
  2. Two distinct 'photo album' pages. These need to include the album's title, a short description of the album, and thumbnails of the photos in each album. Each albums should have at least 4 distinct photos in it. These thumbnails need to link to the photo information page below.
  3. Eight photo information pages. These need to include the photo's title and a photo in a size suitable for viewing. Each page should have two buttons which link to the previous and next photos in the album, as well as a link back to the page for the photo album in which the photo is included.

Every page needs to have a toolbar with links for "Home", "Search", and "Sign Out". These links can have empty 'href' attributes for now; they are simply place holders for future phases.

Use style sheets to beautify these three pages. Mix things up by using colors and different fonts. Some of the points for this will be subjective; Your gallery doesn't have to be professional quality, but it should be clear that you've put some thought into your design.