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constant Member List

This is the complete list of members for constant, including all inherited members.

_btconstant [private]
_is_ptrconstant [private]
_is_strconstant [private]
_no_valconstant [private]
_vconstant [private]
basic() const constant [inline]
Boolean() const constant
cast(const basic_type &new_bt, const constant &con)constant [static]
constant(signed char SChar)constant [inline]
constant(unsigned char UChar)constant [inline]
constant(signed short int SShort)constant [inline]
constant(unsigned short int UShort)constant [inline]
constant(signed int SInt)constant [inline]
constant(unsigned int UInt)constant [inline]
constant(signed long int SLong)constant [inline]
constant(unsigned long int ULong)constant [inline]
constant(float Float)constant [inline]
constant(double Double)constant [inline]
constant(const char *Str)constant [inline]
constant(void *Ptr)constant [inline]
constant()constant [inline]
constant(const constant &other)constant
Doubleconstant [private]
Double() const constant [inline]
Double(double val)constant [inline]
eval(const Operator *op, const constant &operand1, const constant &operand2)constant [static]
eval(const Operator *op, const constant &operand)constant [static]
Floatconstant [private]
Float() const constant [inline]
Float(float val)constant [inline]
Integer() const constant
is_equal_to(const constant &other) const constant
is_ptr() const constant [inline]
is_str() const constant [inline]
is_zero() const constant
no_val() const constant [inline]
operator<(const constant &other) const constant
operator=(const constant &rhs)constant
print_char(int value, ostringstream &ost)constant [private, static]
Ptrconstant [private]
Ptr() const constant [inline]
SCharconstant [private]
SChar() const constant [inline]
SChar(signed char val)constant [inline]
set_no_val()constant [inline]
SIntconstant [private]
SInt() const constant [inline]
SInt(signed int val)constant [inline]
SLongconstant [private]
SLong() const constant [inline]
SLong(signed long int val)constant [inline]
SShortconstant [private]
SShort() const constant [inline]
SShort(signed short int val)constant [inline]
Strconstant [private]
Str() const constant [inline]
to_string(bool wantQuoteChar=true) const constant
UCharconstant [private]
UChar() const constant [inline]
UChar(unsigned char val)constant [inline]
UIntconstant [private]
UInt() const constant [inline]
UInt(unsigned int val)constant [inline]
ULongconstant [private]
ULong() const constant [inline]
ULong(unsigned long int val)constant [inline]
UShortconstant [private]
UShort() const constant [inline]
UShort(unsigned short int val)constant [inline]

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