Current Alias Analysis

The Scale compile may perform alias analysis either: This analysis may be performed by: No alias analysis may also be selected in which case most Scale optimizations can not be performed.

Relevant Statements in Alias Analysis

   x = y
   x = &y
   x = *y
   x = op(y1, ... yn)
   x = allocate(y)
   *x = y
   x = ftn(f1, ..., fn) => (r1, ..., rm)
   x1, ..., xm = p(y1, ..., pn)

Storage Shape Graph

Type-based Alias Analysis

We are currently implementing another alias analysis method based upon types.

Type Variable Productions

Type-based Alias Analysis Steps

Bjarne Steensgaard, "Points-to Analysis in Almost Linear Time", Proceedings of the Twenty Third Annual ACM SIGPLAN-SIGACT Symposium on Principles of Programming Languages, St. Petersburg, FL, Jan 1996.

Fred Chow, Sun Chan, Shin-Ming Liu, Raymond Lo and Mark Streich. "Effective Representation of Aliases and Indirect Memory Operations in SSA Form", In Compiler Construction, 6th International Conference, CC'96, Linkoping, Sweden, Apr 1996.

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