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The departments of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science share Cadence software for VLSI (very large scale integration) classes and research. This page provides information about the Cadence University Program our academic use of the software, and links to other tutorials.

Cadence University Program

The Cadence University Program provides Cadence software products to universities with academic licensing terms.

Examples of Cadence Software @ UT


CS 384V: Introduction to VLSI Design (Spring 2001) Students used Cadence software in a series of class projects in which they designed individual standard cells, created mask designs with layout tools, then linked cells into subunits. The class ultimately built a group project with their library of standard cells.

Optimization Issues in VLSI CAD (Spring 2004) Students use Cadence software for simulation and place-and-route for class research projects.

Tutorials & FAQs

CS384V schematic editor FAQ

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