Group photos

Early group photos from Spring 2000. Every one seems to be attentive to the presentation going on.
Except for Raj who is as usual sleeping :-)

Early fall 2000. A lot more people and by now we had moved to the spacious and comfortable ACES building! Group meeting with special guest Prof. Reinhardt seated oppositve to Steve.

Every one hard at work at the Texas Union!
Steve thrashing Raj and Hrishi in Foosball. The final score was something like 18 to 1.

Everyone's Favorite: The SCOUT cluster. 132 PIII-750 Mhz processors with a total of 36 Gigs of RAM.

Steve is so happy just to stand in front of the cluster!

Spring break 2000 - those good old times without the cluster when people actually used to manually run simulations on different machines. During the submission for ISCA2000, Vikas and Hrishi tabulating their runs and keeping track of the simulations using the whiteboard!
Hrishi trying some telepathy with the computers during the ISCA submission?

Raj's ISCA 2001 presentation in Goteburg, Sweeden.
Tres Amigos in ISCA 2001 :-)

The TRIPS retreat 2001.