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Reflecting on my days with UT CS 

  • Re: Chris (a bit outdated)

  • In May 2007,  Communications of the ACM (CACM) published my article:" SIGCOMM's archaeological journey into networking's past in the 60th Anniversary Issue.  ACM's  Press Release: [This] "article tracks the journey into networking's past through the ACM Special Interest Group on Communication (SIGCOMM) and the rewards of its innovative Tutorial initiative".

  • THINK Protocols: (Technical Histories of the Internet and other Network Protocols): a collection of technical histories and digital archives for many network architectures.  
    This section is under construction..... back in January 2010 (where does the time go ;-)

  • ACM and the Special Interest Group on Data Communications (SIGCOMM):
    • ACM:  I was first a member of the UT ACM chapter in 1971, then joined the international ACM, then was the UT ACM chair and hosted Grace Murray Hopper for a lecture to the UT ACM chapter in 1973.  I'm still a member of ACM!
    • SIGCOMM: I've spent 20 years working on SIGCOMM projects.  I started off as a local arrangements organizer for the SIGCOMM 1989 Conference at Austin...  and then 17 years on the SIGCOMM executive committee organizing conferences, creating new conferences, andeventually got hooked on the technical history of the early networks, focusing on people and network protocols.
    • IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking (The permanent link is: This journal is very special, given that three organizations agreed to create one Transactions on Networking, instead of competing against each other.  The three groups were the IEEE Communications Society, the IEEE Computer Society, and ACM SIGCOMM.
    • SIGCOMM Conference Planning archives (they are old ftp files)

  • Old links for the classes that I taught:
    • CS 356: Introduction to Computer Networks (junior/senior course)
    • CS 326e: Elements of Networking (for non-majors)
    • CS 352: Computer Systems Architecture
    • CS 310:  ISA and the Hardware/Software Interface

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