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A Technical History
of the ARPANET

The ARPANET was the first widespread, packet switched, network of heterogeneous computers. The ARPANET began operations in late 1969, was decommissioned in 1989, and was the basis for the modern Internet. The foundation of the network was the subnet of Interface Message Processor (IMPs), which were small, identical processors at each node of the network that performed the packet switching. 
    Overview and introduction to the ARPANET. 
    A timeline of major events in the history of the ARPANET. 
    Technical Tour 
    A technical tour of the ARPANET with links to specifics on the architecture. 
    A reference to list of terms relevant to the ARPANET. 
    Annotated references on the ARPANET. Includes all of the references sited in this web page. 
    A listing of digitally archived historical resouces, and links to relevant resources on other sites.


Written by the THINK Protocols team, CS Dept, UT Austin
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