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    A listing of digitally archived historical resouces, and links to relevant resources on other sites.

Digital Archive

Network Architecture: NPL

Materials provided by Donald Davies for SIGCOMM99's Technical History of the Internet describing NPL's work on packet switching network architectures (196x-196y).

Network Architecture: Arpanet

Network Architecture: Early TCP

These 226 pages came from Vint Cerf and Bob Braden, and fill in an important set of specifications that have not been available to the general public.  Two specs that are readily available and thus were not included here are: A Protocol for Packet Network Intercommunication by Cerf/Kahn, May 1974 and RFC 675 Specification of Internet Transmission Control Program by Cerf, Dalal, and Sunshine, December 1974.

Network Architecture: General
Related Link:  a collection of the slides/and lists of accompanying materials from the Technical History of the Internet Tutorial
(given at SIGCOMM 1999, August 31, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA).

Web Resources

ARPANET Specific

  • History of ARPANET - not technical, but summarizes very well the story behind the ARPANET and the Internet's beginning
  • ARPANET Maps - maps of IMP locations across the country during the course of the ARPANET's growth
  • ARPANET IMPs - can see the neighbors of each IMP and follow the path a packet might take in the 1986 version of the ARPANET
  • A log of the first message sent over ARPANET - actual scan of the memo explaining that two IMPs were talking for the first time!
  • ARPANET archive - a collection of memoranda, interview notes, periodicals, papers, and other materials documenting the development of the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (Arpanet) of the US Department of Defense. The materials were collected by Katie Hafner in preparation for a book written with Matthew Lyon, Where Wizards Stay Up Late: The Origins of the Internet.
  • Networking Message Group - a message group used from 1976-1985 where individuals discussed networking issues, troubles, and new ideas. Courtesy of The Computer Museam.

Organizations & Resources

History Resources


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