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A Technical History of CYCLADES

Below is a list of digitally archived documents relating to the Cyclades computer network. They are listed in chronological order, and each paper's "worth" (how much valuable information it contains; how clearly it was written) is denoted by stars: one star being the least worthy... five stars being a "must read" paper.

Pouzin, Louis
"Architectures et varietes de reseaux"
January, 1973
pp. 431-442

This paper is written in French, and there is no extra information here to 
justify the translation. It is a fairly long paper, and gives in depth 
information into how networks work- most of this is information most people 
(interested in Cyclades) already know, and some is obsolete.
Rating: One Star

Pouzin, Louis
"Presentation and Major Design Aspects of the Cyclades Computer Network"
Third Data Communications Symposium
St. Petersburg, Florida
November, 1973
pp. 80-85

This is a good introductory paper to the Cyclades network. It is the first 
paper written in English describing the design aspects of the network. It is a 
broad (not detail-oriented) overview of the entire network. It is a bit 
abstract, and possibly a little hard to understand if unfamilliar with the 
terminology that was used during the project. 
Rating: Four Stars

Pouzin, Louis
"Interconnection of Packet Switching Networks"
Proceeding of the Seventh Hawaii International Conference of System Sciences Supplement
pp. 108-109

This paper is so short, you might as well read it! It's only about one 
page and a half, and it is a proposal for interconnecting networks. It doesn't 
directly relate to the Cyclades computer network, but it is a little insight as 
to why Cigale was designed like it was.
Rating: Two Stars

Pouzin, Louis
"CIGALE, The Packet Switching Machine of the Cyclades Computer Network"
IFIP Congress
August, 1974
pp. 155-159

This paper is a very good detail-oriented look at Cigale, the bottom layer 
(data transmission layer) of the Cyclades network. 
Rating: Five Stars

Pouzin, Louis
"The Cyclades Network - Present State and Development Trends"
Proceedings of the 1975 Symposium, Computer Networks: Trends and Applications
Gaithersburg, Maryland
June, 1975
pp. 8-13

This paper is a continuation of the November, 1973 paper, and it won't 
make much sense unless you have read the '73 paper. It is basically a project 
update, and will be more interesting if you are interested in the progress of 
the project, and not just the end result.
Rating: Three Stars

Pouzin, Louis
"Packet Networks: Issues and Choices"
Proc. IFIP 1977 Congress
August, 1977
pp. 515-521

This paper is an introduction to the concept of packet-switching. It is 
pretty long, and contains a lot of information you probably already know, but it 
would be interesting to the "history of science" person since it illustrates why 
there is a need for packet switching and the issues involved in developing a 
packet switching network.
Rating: Four Stars

Zimmermann, H.
"The Cyclades Experience: Results and Impacts"
Proc. IFIP'77 Congress
August, 1977
pp. 465-469

This is a great paper for learning about Cyclades. Since it was written 
after the network was completely built, there are a lot less abstractions, and 
it is more clear. It is a summary of what the "final product" was.
Rating: Five Stars

Interview with Louis Pouzin 
(Autrans'98)where he talks about the history of the Cyclades, and why 
he hates Microsoft. Rating: Four Stars

Pouzin, Louis
"Cyclades or how to lose a market"
Recherche N328 - 02/2000 - - 1819 words

Ever wonder what happened to the Cyclades network, and why the ARPANET evolved into the 
Internet instead of it? In this article Louis Pouzin takes us on a quick tour of French
politics and explains how the French Telecom industry killed Cyclades.
Rating: Five Stars

Pouzin, Louis
The Cyclades Computer Network:  Towards Layered Network Architectures
North Holland Publishing Company, New York, 1982
This book is Volume 2 of a monograph series of the international council
for computer communications.  Louis Pouzin edited the book, but there are
several authors listed, among them:  Edouard Andre, Jean Claude Chupin, 
Michel Gien, Jean-Louis Grange, Jean Le Bihan, Gerard Le Lann, Najah Naffah,
Louis Pouzin, Vincent Quint, Guy Sergeant and Hubert Zimmermann.  It is a
very detailed book that draws information from several Cyclades papers.  
The bibliography is a valuable source for further reading.
Rating: Four Stars

Jean-Claude Guedon
"The force of the distributed intelligence"
Recherche N328 - 02/2000 - - 5786 words
Long article, probably very good but most of my copy is not translated into English, I
just searched on Cyclades and found a good quote. I did not read the rest of the article.
Rating: Two Stars




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