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THINK  Cyclades

A Technical History of CYCLADES

Important Contributions:

  • Developed the modern-day "Sliding Window Protocol" (Arpanet had one too, but the Cyclades version is more similar to the one we use today).
  • Host-level protocols became the basis for the ISO-OSI (Open Systems Interconnection) model.
  • Idea of a totally unreliable data transmission layer
    • Demonstrated "complexity at the network's edge", which means the work takes place within intelligent end-systems (the hosts)
    • Cigale is the first packet network designed to take advantage of the characteristics of datagarams [Pouzin 1982, p35].
    • Concept of an unreliable Catenet influences Arpanet's transmission-control protocol.


The Cyclades group "had a lot to do with the early discussions of what the [host protocol] would look like."


-Vint Cerf in 1990 Interview by Judy O'Neill for the Charles Babbage Institute


  • Used Hierarchical Addressing
  • Early conceptualization of layering



This page was built upon Cuong Lam Nguyen's work on the THiNK Project in Fall 2000, which in turn was built upon Jaime Napier's work in Summer 2000








Written by the THINK Protocols team, CS Dept, UT Austin
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