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Multi-Resource Sites

Individual Research


Maps and Diagrams

  • History of Computing Diagrams - This websiite has files containing diagrams of very old computers and computer related illustrations..
  • Historic Computing Images - This site has images that are kept by Mike Muuss. It has a lot of diagrams on ENIAC which is the first computer built during WWII. It is the US Army research website.

Multi-Resource Sites

  • The University of Warwick
    This is the CS Department research page of the Unversity of Warwick in England. This research is broadly based, citing topics ranging from the development of information technology policy to the origins of artificial intelligence, and covering a time period extending from the 18th century up to the 1990s. They also have a list of conferences at The University of Warwick Conference Page. This is where Martin Campell-Kelly is based at warwick, and has written a history on the National Physical Labs. The site also has a list of useful computer resource links here.
  • Charles Babbage Institute (CBI) at The University of Minnesota.
  • Oral Histories at the CBI
  • CBI Archival Collection Finding Aids links to archives and manuscript collections.
  • Hofstra University Computing History page that that has PDF file timelines for a specified time period. This site is not very technical
  • Jan Lee Page and Virginia Tech Links, are sites spanning diverse tpoics relating to Computer Science.
  • ACM(Association of Computing Machinery) Multi-resource educational site containing many links and information relating to computing topics
  • Links to a multitude of topics relating to computers
  • The Union Institute - has a list of different research areas in a variety of topics throughout history. It has a history of Science Section and History of Technology.
  • This an annotated bibliography of various sources from the CS Department at Berkeley
  • List of Computing Resources at Los Alamos
  • Alphabetized list from A-Z over that lists containing the the biographies of the pioneers of computing
  • IEEE Annals of History of Computing (from 1979-now) available in PCL and also searchable if you go to Electronic Journals, a feature of UT Library Online and click on IEEE Electronic Library (IEL) Online (Please note that this link does not work off-campus) To access this service from an off campus computer you will need a UT EID and go to this link http://proxy.lib.utexas.edu/ to set up your web browser so you can access the pages. Even then you will have to access the pages from the Electronic Journals page.
  • IEEE History Center: The mission of the IEEE History Center is to preserve, research and promote the history of information and electrical technologies. The Center maintains many useful resources for the engineer, for the historian of technology, and for anyone interested in the development of electrical and computer engineering and their role in modern society.
  • History of Programming Languages and Software Engineering (funded by Sloan Foundation) and hosted at American University (check out structure and archiving)

Individual Research and smaller sites

Mailing Lists

  • NAHC-History of Computing -UK - Since September 1998, the NAHC has managed an email discussion list for the history of computing in the UK. The list carries news of history of computing events and provides a forum for discussing (and remembering!) the history of computing
  • Cyber History - This is a discussion group dealing with history of computing issues from different individuals. Most of the people in the discussion are telling stories of their experiences and several people ask questions hoping to get an answer from someone on a particular topic.  It is maintained by David S. Bennahum. The homepage is at http://memex.org/welcome.html


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