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Internet Time-Line Project - Very rare technical issues in computer networking. This is an excellent resource for rare material.
Hobbes Internet Timeline - Timeline that covers topics from 1950 to the year 2000.
Internet history chronology - Dr. Lawrence Robert's chronology List
History of Internet Timeline - Dave Kristula's timeline starts from 1957 and documents through to1996. This site discusses the Arpanet and the development of LAN's in the later years
History of the Internet and the Web Very old timeline, has dates ranging from 700 BC to 2000. Not visually spectacular but interesting nonetheless.

Maps and Diagrams

ARPANET Maps - Maps and diagrams of the Arpanet and how it expanded over the years from 1969 to 1977.
An Atlas of Cyberspaces Historical Maps - Very similar information as the previous resource. It is a list of maps and diagrams over the Arpanet.

Documents and Research sites

RFC Brief Listing RFC 160, NIC: 6771 Stanford Research Institute, 18 May 1971
Oral Histories of the Internet at the CBI
SIGCOMM99 Technical History of the Internet tutorial.
Network Encryption - history and patents - Page dedicated to IP security.
RFC 1 The first Request For Comments - Host Software written by Stephen Crocker
History of the Internet and WWW - The Roads and Crossroads of Internet History by Gregory R. Gromov. A comprehensive overview of the philosophy and history of the Internet. There is a copy of the first ARPANET connection, an early logical map of the ARPANET, as well as a wealth of other information.
Charles Babbage Institute - Huge library with many resources
The Living - reference about the Internet, this according to the site owner and after perusing the site for awhile you may very well agree. Warning, do not go here unless you have some serious time to spend, once you arrive you may not want to leave. The site is heavily cross-linked and full of very interesting information.
History and patents - some links to other encryption links, no real technical information on cryptology on tHe page, but some good links
History of the Internet
rfc2555 - 30 Years of RFCs - An RFC that does not describe an internet standard but it reflects over the years of the Internet.
ITTF Internet Theory Task Force, humorous site that has info on TCP, Usenet, and bitnet.
A brief history of the Internet (ISOC) - Covers a wide variety of topics from the origin of the computing interneting and the commercialization of technology. It has a timeline too.
ThinkQuest - Wide variety of Computing Topics ranging from "stone to silicon
As We May Think - An insightful article written in July 1945 by Vannevar Bush. Bush first conceptualizes the hyperlink in this article from The Atlantic publication. - Doug Englebart's Bootstrap Institute Website.

Individual Research and smaller sites

List of Alex McKenzie's Computer Networking Development Records donated to Charles Babbage Institute by Alex McKenzie: 3 cubic feet in 9 boxes of computer networking development records, divided into three series: International Packet Network Working Group (INWG) records, Internet Experiment Notes (IEN) and ARPANET Reports Ben Iglauer's (CS grad student)
Annotated bibliography of online histories of Networking and Computing Bernard Aboba's
How the Internet Came to Be An interview with Vint Cerf, who describes several key ideas about TCP/IP and credits many people and the Cyclades network architecture.
Collection of annotated links on Internet History Henning Schulzrinne's Website
IEEE Homepage IEEE History Center's links

Mailing Lists The Internet History Mailing List
Living internet (Minimal traffic) - It has a good explanation on how to use and organize a mailing list in this site. Go to the link labeled Mailing List of the left frame and it will take you there. There is no direct link to the mailing list.
Cyber History This is a discussion group dealing with history of computing issues from different individuals. Most of the people in the discussion or telling stories of their experiences and other people ask questions hoping to get an answer from someone on a certain topic.  It is maintained by David S. Bennahum. The homepage is at

Usenet Mailing List Archive for the History of Usenet Mailing List.


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