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A Technical History of National Physical Laboratories (NPL) Network Architecture - Other Resources

Other possible sources of information regarding the NPL Network:

  • Hafner, K, Lyon, M; Where Wizards Stay Up Late, Simon and Schuster, 1996
  • Living Internet, Short summary of Donald Davies work at NPL. Timeline goes from proposal in 1965 to building of the MarkII packet-switched network in 1973. It also includes links to key ideas
  • Internet Timeline: Davies' Packet Switching Autumn 1965
  • Possible sources from article by Martin Campbell-Kelly's Article, 'Data Communications at the National Physcial Laboratory', in the Annals of the History of Computing
    • Peter T. Wilkinson, project principal from NPL.
      MCK got a lot of information about NPL from him
    • Wyn Price
    • Martin Campbell-Kelly's 1986 article. Includes an extensive bibliography.
    • CSAC 1980, Stanley Gill, a source out of NPL
    • Martin Campbell-Kelly also interviewed Barber, Scantlebury, Wilkinson and Laws in addition to Davies.


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