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A Technical History of National Physical Laboratories (NPL) Network Architecture - A Technical Tour

Simulation Studies

A series of simulations were performed on both the Mark I and the Mark II network from 1968-1975. The first set of studies performed on the network was in 1966 when Scantlebury and his group researched the feasibility of a high-level network.

Afer Scantlebury's work, Roger Healy assumed the responsibility of the studies until 1970 when Plessey Telecommunication Research (PTR) undertook the responsibility.

A adaptive routing strategy was chosen for the NPL site, which was based on Baran's hot potato scheme. Healey's study showed that as "network traffic increased, congetion occurred, which eventually can lead to network failure. Healey's study was done in isolation, but research by PTR confirmed his findings.


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