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"THINK Protocols" Digital Library

Consisting of Digital Archives of Key Original Network Design Source Documents that are not available online elsewhere.

  1. Project Report.  (EXPERIMENT #1: partially supported by ACM SIGCOMM).  For those of you interested in critiquing the Donald Davies experiment see Kata's notes on the production of these 88 pages, and see the types of  modifications she made to the originals.  Here is a copy of one paper before (in scanned images), and after OCR-ing/proofing/formatting.)
  2. Documents Online  (thanks to Kata Carbone!):

Related Link: a collection of the slides/and lists of accompanying materials from the Technical History of the Internet Tutorial (given at SIGCOMM 1999, August 31, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA).



Written by the THINK Protocols team, CS Dept., UT Austin
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