Su, Chunzhi

@ Mount Rainier, Summer 2015
(More photos? Here)

I am a graduate student in Dept. of Computer Science of UT Austin, supervised by Prof. Lorenzo Alvisi. I'm interested in computer systems, especially (distributed) storage and database systems. Before coming to UT, I got my bachelor degree in 2012 from ACM Class of Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

I was once interested in theoretical computer science, but later realized that I am more interested in building things (and probably, also breaking things). I started to work on computer systems in the final year of my undergrad, and have been enjoying in this area since then.

I have interned in Microsoft Research for three times: in 2011-2012 (MSR Asia, advised by Dr. Zhengping Qian and Dr. Zheng Zhang), 2014 (MSR SVC, advised by Dr. Rama Kotla) and 2015 (MSR Redmond, advised by Dr. Srinath Setty). I also had an internship in Max Planck Institute for Software Systems in 2014 (Saarbruecken, advised by Dr. Allen Clement).

My CV is here.


Education and Working Experience


I have many hobbies in my spare time. I love music, especially classical, new age and j-pop. Meanwhile I have been enjoying several great headphones. Currently I am using AKG K701, AKG K240s and (sometimes) AKG K309. I also used Creative Aurvana 3 In-Ear, AKG K271s, AKG K512, AKG K314p, AKG K14p and Sennheiser MX580 in the past. I love airplanes, but I can only fly them in Microsoft Flight Simulator :p (BTW, my favorite airliner is MD-11). I love to spend my weekends in national parks, state parks, or other landscapes, and I enjoy landscape photography and astrophotography.

I love writing with fountain pens. I currently hold a small collection of fountain pens: three Lamy 2000, a Pilot Custom Heritage 91, a Pilot Metropolitan (a.k.a. Pilot 88g), a Sailor Pro Gear 21K, a TWSBI diamond 580, and a Pelikan Classic M200 "Smoky Quartz".

Q & A


Luckily, I got the domain, but I currently do not have a host service to run my website. I redirect to my homepage in UTCS (i.e., this page), and redirect some sub-domains to my pages in other websites. Try it now! And don't be surprised if you enter "" and reach my FB page :D