Statement of Aims

This information kit has been prepared with the following aims:

1. to inform the general public of a range of critical social and environmental issues in West Papua and to encourage Australian NGOs and their members to make contact with counterpart Indonesian NGOs and other foreign government, non-government and public organisations in order to exchange information and determine strategies which may assist the West Papuan people;

2. to facilitate action which may be taken by groups in Australia in lobbying the Federal government to a) conduct an investigation into the current situation in West Papua (particularly in light of the reports of recent killings in the vicinity of the Freeport copper and gold mine), and b) take up the concerns raised here with the Government of Indonesia, and support the Indonesian National Commission on Human Rights in conducting a comprehensive investigation of allegations of human rights abuses;


3. to have the issues of human rights violations and transmigration fully investigated by a team of UN observers, including the UN Special Rapporteur on Extrajudicial, Summary or Arbitrary Executions, with a view to reporting to the UN Human Rights Commission and the UN Working Group on Indigenous Populations, and the question of West Papua's status restored to the agenda of the UN Decolonization Committee.

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