Submission Procedure
for the
SIGCSE 2000 Doctoral Consortium

Deadline for submissions: November 19, 1999

Some definitions:

Timeline and procedure:

Any time

Send questions to either of the Doctoral Consortium coordinators. You can contact them via email at the following addresses:

Before November 19, 1999

Prepare application in two separate documents:

  1. Cover page: the email message you use to send your submission
  2. Brief Research Summary: an html document that describes your research
November 19, 1999 by midnight Send your application via email to Dr. Vicki Almstrum,
December 15, 1999 Notification of acceptance
Before February 1, 2000 Once accepted, participants may update their Brief Research Summaries for the Doctoral Consortium web site, where the summaries will be available to the discussants and to other participants.
During February 2000 The discussants will review the Brief Research Summaries and send questions to each participant. Participants may respond to the discussants via email, leading to on-going dialogs.
March 7, 2000 Traditionally, there is an informal get-together for dinner the evening before the Doctoral Consortium begins.
March 8, 2000 (Wednesday) The Doctoral Consortium begins promptly at 9am and will run all day.
March 9-11, 2000 DC participants must register for the SIGCSE Technical Symposium. There will be a follow-up activity for Doctoral Consortium participants, probably on the afternoon of March 10.

Cover page equivalent: Submission email

The "cover page" for a Doctoral Consortium application will be the email message you use to submit the Brief Research Summary. Do not use the cover page format described on the SIGCSE 2000 web site.

Include the following information in your email message:

Brief Research Summary

The Brief Research Summary should be prepared as an html document with a completely flat structure (that is, do not break the document up into linked hypertext so discussants and participants can easily print out your summary to review). As a general rule, the research summary should be no more than three printed pages in length. Use reasonable formatting standards; avoid excessively fancy fonts, colors, or layouts since these can detract from the content. Do not use the paper template given at the SIGCSE 2000 web site.

Your Brief Research Summary should include whatever information is needed in order to give a good overview of your research and its current status. Here are some headings that have appeared in one or more past applications; these headings are purely suggestive, not prescriptive.

Include these required sections at the end of the Brief Research Summary:

You can view the brief research summaries from past SIGCSE Doctoral Consortia by following the links at the URL

Page prepared by Vicki L. Almstrum, Department of Computer Sciences at UT Austin.
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