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Dissertations related to CS Education at UT Austin

This list is in alphabetical order by the authors' last names.

Links under the Author and Supervising Professor(s) columns either lead to an email address or, if it is available, a web page for the associated individual. Links under the Thesis Title column are to abstracts; these appear only in those instances where we have obtained the author's permission.

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Thesis Title

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Supervising Professor(s)

Almstrum, Vicki Lynn
1994 (Mathematics Education)
Limitations in the understanding of mathematical logic by novice computer science students Nell B. Dale
Ralph Cain
Baffes, Paul Thomas
1994 (Computer Sciences / AI)
Automatic student modeling and bug library construction using theory refinement Ray Mooney
Burton, Debra Lynn
1992 (Science Education)
The effect of closed laboratory activities on the comprehension of five concepts and the perception of effectiveness of the course in a second semester computer science course Nell B. Dale
Lowell Bethel
Chiu, Chiung-Hui
1996 (Science Education)
The effects of computer networks and collaboration on the development of science skills and attitudes among secondary science students in Taiwan, R.O.C. James P. Barufaldi
Greer, James Eugene
1987 (Mathematics Education)
An empirical comparison of techniques for teaching recursion in introductory computer sciences L. Ray Carry
Kim, Youngju
1995 (Science Education)
The reasoning ability and achievement of college level students enrolled in a logic class in computer science Nell B. Dale
Lowell Bethel
Platt, David Charles
1990 (Mathematics Education)
The effect of a second-semester computer programming course on mathematical problem solving performance and the relationship between selected cognitive factors and mathematical problem solving performance L. Ray Carry
Priebe, Roger Louis
1997 (Science Education)
The effects of cooperative learning on content comprehension and logical reasoning in a second-semester university computer science course Lowell Bethel
Schuster, Daniel Lawrence
1996 (Curriculum & Instruction)
Academic preparation of beginning computer science students Ralph Cain
Shaffer, Dale Owen
1990 (Curriculum & Instruction)
Predicting success in the undergraduate introductory computer science course using the theory of planned behavior Thomas R. Koballa, Jr.
Syang, Anchir Angel
1994 (Science Education)
A quantitative student model for intelligent tutoring systems: student programming ability Nell B. Dale
Lowell Bethel
Wu, Cheng-Chih
1993 (Science Education)
Conceptual models and individual cognitive learning styles in teaching recursion to novices Lowell Bethel
Nell B. Dale


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