Unigrid Parallel Code

There are only a few modifications to be made to run our program on parallel processors. The driver is in the file tportpar.C. The reader should examine tportpar.C and compare it to tportseq.C. In the driver we initalize the MPI environment. The MPI (Message Passing Interface) sets up a virtual machine that can access one or more processors according to how it is configured.

At the end of the driver we close the MPI environment. The virtual machine set up by MPI is turned off.

The Makefile remains almost the same (a few name changes from tportseq to tportpar), and so does the process to create the executable code.
%make clean
%make tportpar

To run the code on parallel processors the following command works on our machines:
%mpirun -np4 tportpar

The np4 indicates that the number of processors to be used is 4. On your system, you may need a different command to run MPI. Your system administrator can help you in this regard.

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