Project Pre-Proposal

Project name:
Team members:

What is the hypothesis that you will test?
Note: a hypothesis should be a short sentence that can be proven false (e.g., "The fraction of HTTP requests to dynamically generated pages is increasing"). Also note that a hypothesis is only interesting if the negation of the hypothesis is interesting. For example, "Faster networks improve HTTP response time" is not a particularly interesting hypothesis, since no one would argue the negation. On the other hand, "By 2005 all network traffic can be encrypted with less than a 3% overhead in latency, throughput, chip area, and power consumption"  might be an interesting hypothesis for which you could find sensible individuals to argue either side.

Why is this an important question to answer?

What previous work comes closest to answering this question, and how do you improve on this work?

What experimental methodology will you follow?

What main pieces of code will you have to write to execute this methodology? How long will this take?

Also, turn in an updated reading list that indicates at least 5 papers that you have read carefully and critiqued and at least 5 additional papers you plan to read by March 13. Don't forget to survey the top three or four conferences in this area for the last few years as well as to look at the web pages of top researchers/projects in this area to identify any related papers.