Alexander Kent

Pseudonym for Douglas Reeman (possibly)
All of Kent's books that I have read/seen are in the Richard Bolitho series. Bolitho is an officer in the Royal Navy during the age of Fighting Sail . The books are listed below chronologically, rather than in order of publication, and can be read in either order, although since they cover the events in the life of this one individual, chronologically later books contain spoilers for the chronologically earlier books, although the publication order may be reversed.

List of books

The Richard Bolitho Saga

Note that this title is my own.

  1. Richard Bolitho - Midshipman 1772
  2. Midshipman Bolitho and the Avenger 1773
  3. Stand Into Danger 1774
  4. In Gallant Company 1777
  5. Sloop of War 1778
  6. To Glory We Steer 1782
  7. Command a King's Ship 1784
  8. Passage to Mutiny 1789
  9. Form Line of Battle! 1793
  10. Enemy in Sight! 1794
  11. The Flag Captain 1793
  12. Signal - Close Action! 1798
  13. The Inshore Squadron 1800
  14. A Tradition of Victory 1801
  15. Success to the Brave 1802
  16. Colors Aloft! 1803

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