This page contains spoilers for most if not all of books 1-6 of the Honor Harrington series. Proceed at your own risk.

The Great Treecat Conspiracy

I was just rereading the Honor Harrington books, maybe after watching one to many X-Files, when something occurred to me. Maybe the treecats really are in charge.

There is a point in Field of Dishonor , when Honor is going to meet the Queen, when she meditates on the old Sphinx saying that the Queen rules at the sufferance of the 'cats (or maybe it is in consultation with the 'cats). What if this is really true? What if the 'cats are playing some Puppeteer Teela Brown-like game with the humans? Or maybe Nimitz is raising John Thomases?

There is more potential evidence for the paranoid or delusional out there. Note that in "prehistory", the 'cats arranged for the King or Queen to be adopted. Next, we learn that adopted humans rarely form permanent attachments with other humans, so Tankersly, Honor's first steady significant other gets killed fairly soon after they meet. Next, as others have suggested, is Nimitz's possible role in the duel with Steadholder Burdette in Flag in Exile . The theory here is that Nimitz detected Burdette's "crease" and relayed it to Honor (subconsciously?). This solves the "How did she get so good so fast?" question. Next we have Samantha. At the end of the "Samantha tells Nimitz she's pregnant" scene, Honor and Tschu explain to Nimitz and Samantha that the 'cats will be spending most of the rest of their lives parted because of their persons' careers. They seem to accept this, although with a degree of sorrow. However, that might not be what they are sad about. Turn the page and we find Tschu is killed while repairing the damage caused by the only Peep missile to hit the Wayfarer when they kill the first Peep BC.

Coincidence or conspiracy? You be the judge.

At least this gives me something to think about while WAITING FOR THE NEXT BOOK. At least I don't have to try and tap my toes in combat armor.

Last updated 01/08/97.
Douglas Stuart