David Zuckerman

Email: diz@cs.utexas.edu
Phone:(512) 471-9729
Fax:(512) 471-8885
Office:GDC 4.508
Postal: Department of Computer Science
University of Texas at Austin
2317 Speedway, Stop D9500
Austin, Texas 78712
      Administrative Assistant: Monica Aguilar
GDC 4.318
(512) 471-9595


Publications: Most publications are available on-line. Also choose by topic: randomness extractors and applications; other pseudorandomness and explicit constructions; coding theory and curve fitting; cryptography, distributed computing, and security; communication complexity; compression and lower bounds; inapproximability; random walks on graphs; randomized algorithms; finance; expository.
General Audience Essays/Talks: 100-second talk about randomness on the Academic Minute.
How random is your randomness, and why does it matter?, with Eshan Chattopadhyay about our recent work.
Can Random Coin Flips Speed Up a Computer?
The Power of Randomness in Computation, PowerPoint slides.
Overview/Bio: Publicity from Science News, CACM, and UT about my recent 2-source extractor, which won a Best Paper Award at STOC 2016.
Non-technical research summary
Brief Biography
Talks: Selected invited talks
Four-part tutorial on Extractors and Expanders at the Simons Institute Pseudorandomness Boot Camp, 2017.
Committees: 2020 Gödel Prize
FOCS 2019, PC Chair
People: Prospective students and interns: please read FAQ before emailing me.
Postdoctoral fellow position available for 2020-21.
Current PhD student: William Hoza
Current postdoc: Kuan Cheng
Former students:
Xue Chen (PhD, 2018, currently postdoc at Northwestern University)
Eshan Chattopadhyay (PhD, 2016, currently Assistant Professor at Cornell University)
Abhishek Bhowmick(PhD, 2015, currently Senior Research Engineer at Apple)
Xin Li (PhD, 2011, currently Assistant Professor at Johns Hopkins)
Raghu Meka (PhD, 2011, currently Associate Professor at UCLA)
Jesse Kamp (PhD, 2007, currently Architect at Oracle)
Anindya Patthak(PhD, 2007, currently Consulting Member of Technical Staff at Oracle)
Anup Rao (PhD, 2007, currently Associate Professor at University of Washington)
Former postdocs: Dean Doron (2018-19, joint with Dana Moshkovitz), Pooya Hatami (2017-19), Mahdi Cheraghchi (2010-11), Ariel Gabizon (2010), Tugkan Batu (2003-04), Amnon Ta-Shma (1999-2000), Alex Russell (1997-99)
Algorithms and Computational Theory group
Brother: Daniel Zuckerman


Spring 2020: Cryptography (CS 346), an undergraduate course.
Fall 2019: Combinatorics and Graph Theory (CS 388C), a graduate course.
Spring 2019: Coding Theory (CS 395T), a graduate course.
Fall 2018: Theory of Computation (CS 353), an undergraduate course.
Spring 2018: Randomized Algorithms (CS 378), an undergraduate course.
Fall 2017: Pseudorandomness (CS 395T), a graduate seminar.
Spring 2016: Theory of Computation (CS 388T), a graduate course.
Spring 2013: Algorithms and Complexity (CS 378, now CS 331), a required undergraduate course.
Fall 2008: Randomized Algorithms (CS 388R), a graduate course.
Spring 2004: Polynomials and Computation (CS 395T), a graduate seminar.
Lecture Notes: Pseudorandomness and Combinatorial Constructions (CS 395T), a graduate-level introduction to my research area (2001).

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