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The University of Texas at Austin

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

May 2020


Relevant Coursework: Introduction to Programming, Data



Structures and Algorithms, and Discrete Mathematics


Seven Lakes High School

Top 4.5% of class of 750

June 2016

Coursera, Rice University

Topic: Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python

Spring 2014




Lego Mindstorms NXT ROBOTC


Spring 2015

Worked on several spatial recognition scenarios so the NXT could travel autonomously through adverse environments

Developed an improved mechanism for increasing the turning degree accuracy of the robot using a Lego figurine hat as a ball pivot instead of a stop/start method of turning

“Asteroids” Video Game Python

Spring 2014

Developed a clone of the popular video game through Coursera

Code and playable game found here: http://www.codeskulptor.org/#user38_RURdWlhXw4_12.py

“Quidditch” Simulation Java

Spring 2013

Designed and developed a text based simulation of a Quidditch game

Found trouble initially figuring out how to make a simulation that would react to the user’s inputs

Solved these problems through design – Creating very specific classes for every aspect of the game allowed me to eventually solve the problem of complexity

“Seven Wonders” Board Game Java

Fall 2013

Designed and developed a text based version of the board game “Seven Wonders”

Ran into problems with the complexity of the board game; however, was able to overcome these problems by simply continue each large problem into smaller, more manageable pieces


Mobile App Development Active MemberPresent

Attend workshops that cover iOS and Android development in order to learn about each respective platform

Electronic Game Developers Society Active Member


Attend workshops and Game Jams in order to learn the Unity game engine platform and create video games


National Merit Commended Scholar

Fall 2015

National Hispanic Recognition Program

Fall 2015

AP Scholar with Distinction

July 2016

Programming Languages

Experienced in: Java, Python, ROBOTC

Exposure to: C, C++, Visual C#, SQL, and Swift


Interests: Autonomous Robots, Mobile Applications, Graphic Design, and Cello Performance