Use the command turnin to submit your project. Its usage is:

turnin --submit <grader> <assignment-name> <file1> <file2> ...

For this course the grader is aizhuli. The assignment names will be cs327epj1 for Project #1, cs327epj2 for Project #2, and so on.

Whenever you submit a file, it gets time stamped.


You can see whether the submission was successful or not by giving the following command:

turnin --list <grader> <assignment-name>

This will show the list of files which got submitted.


If you want to submit the text file Collatz.zip for Project #1: Collatz, then, give the following command:

turnin --submit aizhuli cs327epj1 Collatz.zip


turnin --list aizhuli cs327epj1

and download:

turnin --verify aizhuli cs327epj1


If you submit a file a second time, then the previous file and its time stamp will get overwritten. Once submitted, you can not undo your submission (although you can overwrite any file).

More Information

Type man turnin on any department Unix machine (press space to page forward and q to quit).