CS370: Facebook Open Academy

CS370: Fall 2014

Facebook Open Academy


The grade will be based on the commits made to the project or course repository. This is a course oriented toward real world software engineering and the student focus will be squarely on software development.

Weekly agile meetings will include all students on a given team, meaning some will video conference into the meetings. With time zone differences this can be challenging, but it is imperative. The scheduled weekly meetings should not last longer than 30 minutes (although the students are, of course, encouraged to communicate outside of the scheduled meetings as often as is practical) and some variation of the following questions will be asked - and tracked week over week - of each team member:

  • What did you do in the last week?
  • Are there any barriers to your goals?
  • What do you plan to accomplish for next week?

Feedback from the open source project mentor will be taken into account when assigning a grade.

Teams will be 3-8 students, likely spanning multiple universities. The number of students from any one university on any one team will be 5.

Students will rank the projects in order of interest. A matching process will be run that puts a student team with an open source project and team rosters will be settled on or before the Kickoff Hackathon on October 9th, 10th and 11th (Fri/Sat/Sun morning), 2014.

The student team will work on improving the project in two ways:

  • Knocking out low hanging fruit issues that already exist (this will be the best way to get up to speed initially).
  • Identifying and pursuing new functionality they conceive. This is something both the instructor and mentor will guide. Conversations to explore this will begin after a few weeks in the course.

Expectations will be set with the students that states the commits they make. The quality and ambition of them will be the main factor determining their grade.

Instructors, mentors and students will post regular, low overhead updates to a course Facebook Group.