CS373: Software Engineering

Spring 2020: 50615 & 50620

Cold Calling

  • Cold calling is tracked with the Roll Call Attendance tool on Canvas.
  • Disregard the corresponding grade. It has no meaning.
  • Everyone will be called once before anyone is called a second time.


  • If your communication is relevant to other students in the class, please use Piazza.
  • If your communication is only relevant to you, please use Canvas.
  • View an e-mail or post as a professional interaction.
  • Use proper etiquette. Please read Professional Correspondence.
  • Do not waste your professor's time. Many things can be found in the syllabus of the class or on the UT website.
  • Do not ask for extra credit. All extra credit opportunities will be made available to all students.
  • Do not vent, rant, or whine.
  • Do not share inappropriate or irrelevant personal information.
  • Be respectful.

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