Course Eval Survey

By now, you should have received a email pointing you to the course instructor survey for this class.  This survey is digital, meaning that it asks all the questions of a written, end-of-class, survey, except that it can be ignored.  This has proven to be bad for most course surveys, because most students choose not to take them.

For this class, I will ask that you provide some evidence that you have taken the survey.  I recommend this:
When you complete the survey the evaluation is moved to the "completed" section, this would be the best thing to screenshot as it proves the evaluation was actually submitted.

Submit this, along with your name, as your Homework Submission.  I will  give you 1 percentage point on your final grade if you do so.  (This is big, big, big)! Thank you.

What to submit to Canvas

A PDF, JPG, PNF  of the image requested above.