Setting Class Path

For those of you who are new to Netbeans, you have to resolve Problems with P0.
Read this post to see the Medieval incantations to fix this.

A prerequisite for this course is that you know Java.  And an important indicator is that you can set your Java class path.  If you need a refresher, read this How to Set your Classpath  and setting classpaths in Netbeans.  

If you have difficulties with this assignment, you should reconsider your enrollment in this course. I'm serious. You're not ready if you have problems.

Work alone.  If you work in groups or consult with your classmates, you will fail this assignment. DO YOUR OWN WORK!

finish this assignment a.s.a.p. and get on with assignment P1.

The Assignment

Install JDK.
  1. Here is a JAR file SetDate.jar.  Place it on your classpath and report the output of
> java setdate.Main
> ls Post* // or dir Post*
  1. Here is another JAR file, JavaApplication53.jar. Place it on your classpath and report the output of:
> java javaapplication53.Main
  1. Here is a zip file,  Place it on your classpath and report the output of:
    > java ziptest.Main
  2. Here is a Java file,, which belongs to package WHExample.  Place it on your classpath.  Report the output of:
	> java WHExample.WH
  1.   Write a program that calls all 4 of the above executables in main(String[] args).
Hint: writing this teeny program is trickly.  I wrote it using command-line tools, relying on the correct setting of my classpath.  I supply a NetBeans project for you to complete. In it you'll find all of the downloads in a Needed/ directory.  Use the "Add JAR/Folder" option to add Jar files and zipfiles. is given in the Needed directory; compile it to WH.class and place this class in Needed/WHExample/ to be able to access it via Netbeans.

When your program works, you should be able to invoke it from the command line like:
> java runem

Of course to get the above to work, you'll need to set your command-line classpath correctly. Hint: it is not that different from what you needed to do for NetBeans above.

What to Submit to Canvas

A single zip file that has:

No late assignments/submissions will be accepted.