Video Solutions/Explanations to Problems on Midterm #2 2017

I provide below a video presentation of the solutions to all problems on Midterm #2.  Watch these videos in lieu of class on Monday, Dec 4th.  Review my solutions to what you have on your exam.  The test was out of 100 points, each of the 4 problems was worth 25 points.
There are some problems that I will adjust your grades if you have the solutions that I present (but missed).  If you dispute a grade, you must submit in writing (a printed file) what you want me to review and your justification.  If you submit what I believe to be a frivolous case, I may dock points rather than adding them.

If you have questions, post them on Piazza or to my email address (

I will collect all exams to be regraded on Wednesday's class (Dec 6th).  No exceptions.