Current Set of Nominations for the Software Product Line MIP Award

Paper Nomination Date Submitted Status
Feature Models, Grammars, and Propositional Formulas. SPLC 2005 Letter July 21, 2016 Postponed: Author on MIP Award Committee; becomes active upon leaving committee; Author will request
it be withdrawn
Verifying Feature-Based
Model Templates against Well-Formedness OCL Constraints. GPCE 2006
August 18, 2016 Active
Staged Configuration using Feature Models
SPLC 2004

 February 8, 2017 Active
Automated Reasoning on Feature Models
CAISE 2005
 December 12, 2016 Active
On the notion of variability in software product lines, Software Architecture 2001  Letter February 28, 2016 Active
Nominees for SPL MIP 2017 above; new nominations will be considered for 2018 and will be added below when submitted