Eclipse Submission Guidelines

The following guidelines are mandatory (otherwise I will return your submission).  Let N be your name (e.g. N="Obama") and A be the assignment number (e.g., A="A2"):

  1. The name of your Eclipse Project is NA  (e.g., "ObamaA2")
  2. You will place in your directory an HTML file that is your writeup.  Its name is A.html (e.g., "A2.html")
  3. In the A.html file, at the top will be your name and email address (with a hyperlink to your email address) at which I can contact you.
  4. You will zip the entire contents of your Eclipse directory and the name of the file is
  5. When I (or you) unzip, a single directory NA will be produced.

An example of an unzipped directory is below:

An example of A2.html looks like: