CS301K Fundamentals of Logical Thought
Elaine Rich

Academic Integrity

All students in this class will be held to the highest standard of academic honesty and integrity. You should read CS Department Code of Conduct. The policies described there will be followed in this class.

The sections that follow elaborate on the academic integrity policy described there and provide the specifics of what is expected in this class.

Quest Assignments: You must do all Quest assignments yourself.  It is a violation of the academic integrity policy for anyone else to submit answers while logged in as you. 

Clickers: It is a violation of the academic integrity policy to allow anyone else to use your iclicker.

Homeworks and Projects: You are encouraged to form study groups and to discuss assignments.  But when it comes time to write up homeworks or to type in project solutions, you must do everything yourself.    


The penalty for any violation of the academic integrity policy will be an F in the class and a cheating report to the Dean of Students Office.