CS349  Contemporary Issues in Computer Science
Elaine Rich

Alan Cline

Academic Integrity

All students in this class will be held to the highest standard of academic honesty and integrity. You should read CS Department Code of Conduct. The policies described there will be followed in this class.

The sections that follow elaborate on the academic integrity policy described there and provide the specifics of what is expected in this class.

Homeworks Unless explicitly stated otherwise in the description of an assignment, the rules are:

·         You may discuss the assignment with other people.

·         You must write up your solution on your own.  The words you use must be your own except in the case of quotations that are explicitly cited.

Working in teams may be allowed for some assignments.  When that is the case, we will tell you.

If any student is found to have turned in homework solutions that violate this policy, the minimum penalty will be a 0 on the entire homework portion of the class grade.  Depending on the circumstances, a maximum penalty of an F in the class may be assigned.

Project The class project may be done in a team with approval from the instructors.  If you choose to work in a team, it is your responsibility to make sure that each member of the team does his/her share of the work.  If that is not happening, you should notify one of the instructors or TAs.  All work that is turned in as part of the project (including both the written part and the movie) must be the original work of those whose name(s) are on the project.  The only exception is that the work of others may be used if it is explicitly cited.  The penalty for any form of cheating on the project will be an F in the class and a cheating report to the Dean of Students Office.