Contemporary Issues in Computer Science


Disappearing Jobs?



Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, technology has been displacing human workers.Until now, however, it has also created new jobs and our collective standard of living has been steadily increasing.


But today there is concern that something very different is happening.


Read the following three AP articles:



Now we want you to think about more examples, both of jobs that that will be the first to go and those that seem likely to be the last to go.Follow this link to the web page for the tv show, How Itís Made:




1.      Watch at least four of the videos that youíll find there.What ones did you watch?


2.      Choose at least two of the videos that youíve watched.For each of them, answer each of these questions:

a.       What is being made?

b.      Try (as best you can) to estimate the, "ratio of human input", in dollars of pay per dollars of price.

c.       Which (if any) tasks do you see being replaced by machines? How far in the future?

d.      Are there some tasks that you think will be very hard to get done other than by people?Why?


3.      Summarize your results from question 2:

a.       What properties do the jobs youíve listed in part c share?

b.      What properties do the jobs youíve listed in part d share?