Dean's Scholars Seminar
Gender Differences in Color Vocabularies: Have They Evolved Over the Last Generation?

Elaine Rich
Cathy Stacy
Spring, 2007
Tuesday, 2:00 - 3:00
WCH 1.110

Course Description

In 1976, Dr. Rich ran an experiment that was designed to test the hypothesis that women have larger color vocabularies than men do. The results of the experiment confirmed the hypothesis. We propose to repeat the experiment now, 30 years (and a generation and a half) later, to see if changes in our society, in particular changes in gender stereotypes, have had any effect on the way that men and women use color terms. In the seminar, we will design and run the new experiment and analyze the results. The core of the experiment is an interview in which subjects are asked to describe colors. Everyone will participate in defining target populations and in conducting the interviews. Dr. Stacy will introduce students to experimental design and analysis techniques in the social sciences.

The Original Experiment

The original experiment is described in the paper "Sex-Related Differences in Colour Vocabularies".

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