NSC 110 Deans Scholars Seminar

Mirrors on Ourselves 
Elaine Rich
Spring, 2008
Wednesday, 4:00 – 5:00

WCH 1.108



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   What Makes Us Us?
   Should We Do It?


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Academic Integrity


Course Description

Throughout history, we, people, have been fascinated by our ability to think, to solve problems, and to communicate with each other. We have studied ourselves and we have imagined ways in which we could build artificial copies of ourselves. Our literature describes some of those imaginings. Some of our early technology embodies other attempts. The modern computer gives us the opportunity to test all of our theories and to build agents that have begun to rival people in performing some kinds of "intelligent" tasks. The goal of this course is to explore our attempts to build artificial people, starting with early legends and ending with modern artificial intelligence.  We’ll end with a discussion of the question, “Suppose that eventually we can build artificial people, should we?”


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Elaine Rich - ear@cs.utexas.edu