UGS 303  Foundations of Logical Thought
Elaine Rich

Alan Cline


Signature Course Content and Activities

Gems of the University


As a member of the UT community, you have access to an array of world class resources.  We’ll focus on two kinds of such “gems”:


·       Research Laboratories and Facilities  (see below).


·       The University Library, including UT’s subscriptions to such online resources as JSTOR (a repository of academic and research publications) and the Oxford English Dictionary.

Research Facilities


UT is home to a wide array of world class research facilities.  We will focus on one that centers around computation.  During our regular discussion section times, we will tour:


·       The Visualization Lab ( )

University Lecture


There will be two University Lectures this fall, both at 7:00 pm:


·       Monday, Sept. 19    Election - 2016

·       Tuesday, Sept. 20   Research that Changes the World


You must listen to one of them.  You are encouraged to attend the live performance of the lecture.  But the lectures are recorded.  So you also have the option to listen to it later.  There will be an assignment that you will complete based on the lecture that you have chosen to listen to.

Information Literacy


We will focus on ways of finding accurate, up-to-date information in technical disciplines.  Several homework assignments, while about logical issues, will require you to do research to discover the facts on which the logical arguments can be based.