Database Research

Compiling Higher Order Languages:

The goal is to compile higher order multidatabase queries into a optimally small amount of first-order SQL or Datalog queries.

International Database Engineering Applications Symposium 2002 (Edmonton, AB)
Federating Heterogeneous Databases by Compiling SchemaSQL (pdf)

Federated Database by Example:

The goal is to combine machine learning and database techniques to build an intelligent user interface for non-technical users who need to federate data from multiple heterogeneous sources.

Flexible Query Answering Systems 2004 (Lyon, France)
Interactive Schema Integration with Sphinx (pdf, ps, doc)

Journal of Intelligent Information Systems
Sphinx: Schema Integration by Example (in press)

See also UTCS Tech Report 04-23 (doc)

Proposal Document (long version)... (ps , pdf).

Online Dissertation. Committee Approved Version (pdf , doc).

Three-valued version spaces. Under Review (pdf)

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