LC-3 Simulator Commands

This page lists the commands that lc3db accepts. You can get this list from the simulator by typing "help". Although the graphical interface provides buttons that perform some of these operations (e.g., step and next), some of the buttons do not operate correctly (e.g., break). Commands entered directly into the command window will always work as specified.
Commands: - shortcuts shown in ()
   Assembles filename.asm.

 break (b) 
   Set breakpoint at address  or at the label indicated by sym.

 continue (c)
   Executions instructions until halt.

 disassemble (dasm)  
   Disassemble insructions from address  to .

 dump (d)  
   Dump the memory from address start to end.

 force (f)  
   Sets the data represented by symbol to value

 load (l) 
   Loads a file named filename.obj. It will also attempt to read a debug
   named filename.dbg.  The PC will be set to where the file was loaded.

 next (n)
   Steps over the next instruction (useful for TRAP and JSR commands)

 print (p) 
   Prints the value of the symbol, register, or address specified by
   data.  Use "print all" to see contents of registers.

   Initializes the machines and runs the operating system.

 step (s) [num]
   Executes the next num instruction.

 quit (q) exit
   Quits the simulation session.

 x regs
   Examine contents of registers.

 help (h)
   Displays this help screen

Last modified: 03/12/2009 by Don Fussell