Running LC-3 Tools Outside UTCS

Windows Platform

The LC-3 Simulator is now available on the Microlab PCs in Painter 3.22. You should be able to log into the PCs using your Unix username and password. On the lab computers, you will find under the "Program Files" menu under "Programming" the applications that allow you to write, assemble and run LC-3 programs.

The following documentation is available:

Please note that the windows version is not completely compatible with the version that we will be using for this class. We strongly recommend that you use the standard version installed on the UTCS Linux workstations.

Running the Simulator from Home

If you would like to run the simulator at home on your own PC or Linux machine, please contact the TA for a copy of the source code. We recommend that you do not use the LC-3 simulator provided on the book's web site. Our version of lc3db has a more fully featured runtime system and the architecture supports interrupts, which will be necessary for this class.

Remember, we cannot help you install or maintain the software on your home machine. You are on your own. You should also make sure that your programs run on the CS Linux machines before you submit them.

Last modified: 03/12/2009 by Don Fussell