CS352H Fall 2009 Reading List

Papers for discussion will be handed out throughout the semester. You will be responsible for reading the papers, turning in a written report (at most 1 page), and participating in the in-class discussion. Your should not only a summarize each paper but also include your own thoughts about the value of the ideas and concepts in the paper. The tentative list is below and will be updated as the semester progresses. A good source for classic papers in computer architecture is Readings in Computer Architecture, edited by Hill, Jouppi, and Sohi.

  1. G.E. Moore, " Cramming more components onto integrated circuits", Electronics, pp. 114-117, April, 1965.

  2. D. Patterson, D. Ditzel, " The Case for the Reduced Instruction Set Computer", ACM SIGARCH Computer Architecture News, Volume 8 Issue 6, October 1980.

  3. R.P. Colwell, C.Y. Hitchcock, E. D. Jensen, H.M.B. Sprunt, and C.P. Kollar, "Computers, complexity, and controversy", IEEE Computer, vol. 18:9, September, 1985.

  4. R. Kessler, "The Alpha 21264 Microprocessor," IEEE Micro, vol. 19:2, March/April 1999.

  5. D. Burger, S.W. Keckler, et al. "Scaling to the End of Silicon with EDGE Architectures," IEEE Computer, 37:7, pp. 44-55, July, 2004.

  6. K.E. Moore, J. Bobba, M.J. Moravan, M.D. Hill, and D.A. Wood, "LogTM: Log-based Transactional Memory," Annual International Symposium on High Performance Computer Architecture, February, 2006.

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