Game Project Two

Game Project 2:

Your own game

Assigned: Tuesday, April 10, 2012
Due: Thursday, May 10, 2012 (before 11:59pm)

Project Description

Now that you've completed the "required" game in the first 3 projects, you've developed a technology platform that you can leverage to build a game of your own choosing, and you've gotten a feel for how long it takes to get various game-related tasks done. Accordingly, we're going to let each team pick their own game for the final project. There is not particular constraint on what type of game it can be, but we urge you to pick something that builds on what you've done in some way to allow you to finish something substantial. Starting from scratch, as you know doubt have learned, is a pretty expensive task, and one that is unlikely to lead to an interesting finished product in the time you have. That said, improvements to your game engine structure to support new capabilities going forward may make good sense, so feel free to change and improve the system you've already built while getting as much leverage as you can from your previous work.


Your game project will be broken up into a series of milestones given as separate assignments, these will be due weekly as before, starting with the proposal on Tuesday April 17. Each subsequent Tuesday until project end, you will need to turn in an update report with demo, as before. These reports will include the same elements as in your previous projects. At the end of the project, you'll turn in a working game artifact on Linux, again as before, along with a final report, readme, and, separately, evaluations of each team member.

As for the other assignments, your primary grading criterion is to turn in a working game on time. As you progress in the project, you may need to scale up or down your original plans. Prepare a strategy for that in your proposal, as we've recommended before. And remember that a good game is always better than a technology demo as a final project artifact, so if you have to sacrifice some glitz for playability, do it.

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