Instructional Computer Labs for 3D Graphics

Most of the assignments in this class are based around OpenGL and/or Linux. For these assignments, it is easiest to use the UTCS department linux machines. Please note that you must be able to demo your assignments (except for the final project) for the TA using either the UTCS linux machines, or a machine (e.g. Windows laptop) that you bring to your meeting with the TA.

For assignments that use graphics hardware, we recommend using the UTCS linux machines in the basement of Taylor Hall that are named after ship parts (e.g. capstan). If you do not have a CS deparment unix account yet, or if you are not a CS major (in which case you need a departmental TEMPORARY account), use the following web page:

Most of the assignments can also be done using a Windows machine. However, grading is done in-person in the basement of Taylor Hall, so you must be able to either bring your personal Windows machine there (ideally a laptop), or verify in advance that your code also runs on the department linux machines.

The CS department also has a WindowsXP instructional lab (unfortunately with older graphics cards) in Painter 3.12.

Last modified: 08/18/10 by Don Fussell